May, 2001
(with lyrics!)

Steve Carell Salutes Steve Carell

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The Song Steve and Stephen Colbert Sang at the closing credits of the Show:

Steve Carell:

How do I do it?

I suppose you'll never know...

Just give into it...

and our love for me will grow...

Stephen Colbert (walking down to the stage) :

How does he do it?

How does he do the things he does to us?

What is the processes by which he accomplishes these things of which we are speaking of just now

I'm asking how

he does it...


How do I do it?


How do you do it?


I mean it really is incredible!


The word incredible is apt!


Sometimes I look into my-



One at a time!

Just to ask you-know-who

What's up with you

and doing it..

How do you do!

How do you do it?


Do it how do I?





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