July 25, 2001 
(the last TDS anniversary show ever done.)

With Lyrics!!

The Fifth Anniversary Show 

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The Daily Show's Anthem: The Pride of America.

Performed by:

Once every night

A show comes along

Who's stick on the world is always three-pronged

We pay the dues

So you don't have to...

On The Daily Show

Jon Stewart cutting through the clutter

With Steve and Stephen 

And Mo and others

Coming straight to you

From all of us

In America...

The news you can trust

The stories you love

We cover the world

And portions thereof

When news occurs

We catch it on tape

Then edit it down

And then we show it...

We show it on The Daily Show

Bringing on guests and making them speak

'Like the entire cast of Dawsons Creek

From our studios

In New York City

In America

female voice:

We got out of the movies

And Back in Black

Even Stephen and Dollars and Cents

We got opening credits

and closing credits

to let you know who else helps with the show...

Male Voice:

By which we mean the daily show 

(the daily show...)

Come on!

Insert clips from the past three years (yes, three...no Craigger's clips here!)

Yeah, The Daily Show

(The Daily Show...)

Friendly folks familiar faces

Shown to you on a daily basis

Tune us in because we're the pride of America...

For America...

And America...

(ending credits)

We have a host

Jon Stewart's his name

His on air persona will always be safe

It's not that he's funny

It's not that he's cute

It's simply the fact that he wears a suit...

He wears it on The Daily Show

(The Daily Show...)

He rides to work in a helicopter

To read the news from a teleprompter.

Then he flies back to his estate

In America...

For America...

And America...







*if you want any of these screen caps, (like one or two or three) you can always e-mail me.