December, 2002 

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Can I touch them?

Ed Helms milking a cow..."Oh Geez!!! I got it on me!!"

Please bring Ed back to do this....please!! I love Rachel and Rob put please!!

Rob playing with a Jesus action figure.

Roll out the purple ties; Carell is back.

My favorite Stephen Colbert screen cap...ever!! It's always nice to see subistute Money Bunny Cambell Smith somewhere...

I like it rough Elmo...


Mo on the VH1 miniseries "I love the 80's". Mo was on every night, singing 80's theme songs, 80's songs, talking about how much he loved Mrs. Pac-Man, etc...

Mo doing some last minute cobbling of shoes....   Mo on CNN Headline News talking about the news of the week (December 20th). 

The New York Friars Club Roast of Chevy Chase (December 1, 2002). Stephen roasted Chevy, and Ed and Frank were there to look pretty.



*if you want any of these screen caps, (like one or two or three) you can always e-mail me.