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Saturday, September 13, 2003

"Does It Have Cocky On It?"

I was at Subway down the street from the school Wednesday, and the line was out the door. There was this man behind me who was probably some sort of big shot office worker that drove an Infiniti SUV to Subway. He was talking "business" with these two other men, and when it came his time to order, he was like:

"Uh...uh...I'll have an uh..."

The guy had like eight minutes to decide what he wanted! When he did order what he wanted, the subway sandwich artist started to make his sandwich, and when they asked him what he wanted, he said this (trying to be cute I guess)

"Does it have pickles on it?"

"Does it have onions on it?"

In this game show host fashion. The subway sandwich artists don't have time to respond, smile, or even care about your stupid, cute jokes. Just tell them what you want on your sub.
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Friday, September 12, 2003

Cutest. Baby. Ever.

With all the sad things that happend today, its nice to see an article like this:

David Letterman to become a father for the first time at 56

Friday, September 12, 2003


(09-12) 10:08 PDT NEW YORK (AP) --

David Letterman had better start thinking up a top 10 list of baby names -- he's about to become a father.

While taping the "Late Show" episode that's scheduled to air Friday night, Letterman told the audience Thursday that his girlfriend, Regina Lasko, is about six months' pregnant.

"I have an announcement to make and I'll be honest with you, I'm a little bit nervous. I have some trepidations about this. I feel a little silly because it's one of those things where I thought never in my life this would happen," the talk show host said.

"And here I am, 56, and by all rights it shouldn't be happening. But, there's nothing we can do about it now. And I'm terribly excited about this. I'm scared silly about this. I'm going to be a father."

After the cheers and applause from the studio audience subsided, Letterman joked about the upside of becoming a father for the first time at his age: "By the time the child has trouble in life, you know, I'll be dead. I'll be long gone. By the time the kid's out stealing cars, you know, Dad will be dead a few years."

Letterman said he and Lasko are still discussing whether to get married.

"I realize we kind of got the cart before the horse here. But, I'm just seeing how much I can get away with," he said. "But, I can't do this forever, and it'd be nice to have the kid take over the family business."

"'Tonight, David Letterman Jr. and his guests,"' bandleader Paul Shaffer joked.

"Oh my God, does that sound peculiar," Letterman responded.

The "Late Show With David Letterman" airs at 11:30 EDT on CBS.

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Smoosh Club?

Everybody loves to hate the show Full House. I read the Full House Page on Jump The Shark, and I've complied my list of the worst Full House moments ever:

  • When Jessie and Rebecca were about to move out Michelle started bawling, and then Jessie started crying, and they decided to move up to the attic.

  • When Stephanie backed that car into the dining room. And by the end of the episode everything was ok. That should of been a season
    premiere, and the whole season should of revolved around the dining room being fixed, and Stephanie
    apologizing about it in every episode

  • The video for Jessie's song "forever" which was really just clips of the adventures him and Rebecca went though

  • Michelle coming back home from her horse accident (when she has amnesia) and she laid down on Stephanie's bed, and she starts to tell Michelle that that's her bed, and Danny tells her no

  • When Jessie's dad dies at the house, and when Michelle finds out she tosses her
    Popsicle stick house she made in Honeybees on the kitchen floor and runs up to her room

  • The Beach Boys being in at least one episode every season

  • Wasn't there a season premiere when they were stranded on an island?

  • When Stephanie got in middle school and started a band with her friend, and they sang "The Sign" (this was around the time I stopped watching)

  • This one episode where it was somebody's birthday, and Michelle literary climbed on this chocolate cake and smeared icing all over her face

  • The whole Smash Club Subplot during one of the final seasons

  • The Wake Up San Francisco theme song ("Waaalkkkkeee Up!!!")

  • Whenever someone kissed on the show the audience would go "wooo!!"

  • The Disneyland episodes when Michelle is always first [first in line, gets to have a window seat, etc...]

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    Trival Trives

    I wonder how many little celery stalks get thrown away every day after eaing buffalo wings...

    My internet connection is so slow that sometimes when waiting for a page to load, I wander over to my bed and lay there for a few minutes. I almost fall asleep sometimes.

    I think the "joke" on crank yankers got old pretty fast.

    Ruffle chips are the chips tha are shown as the "greasy" chips in old pringles commercials. And they're right. I can only have like one handfull of Ruffles at a time, they're so greasy, and salty, and they irrate the top of my mouth.
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    Wednesday, September 10, 2003

    God Bless Hello Kitty, Teaching Us All These New Things...

    I bought some Hello Kitty Jelly Candy at the commossary a few days ago, and I'm finally eating it, and I try to unwrap it, and I notice that the candy is wrapped in two wrappers, and after getting the third peice of candy stiuck in my nails after unwrapping the first wrapper, I see this on the box:

    "Each candy has an edible inner wrapper that melts in your mouth"

    To which I said "ohhh....." That's inventive.
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    They did? Who did?

    My mom got an offer in the mail for a free pair of silkies pantyhose the other day. Since I wear pantyhose 3 times a week, I've decided to take the offer.

    Why am I telling you guys this? I don't know....


    Does anybody remember the show D.C. Follies? For some reason I started to think about it. Everytime I see Al Franken on TV I always think about that show for some reason, and he wasn't even on that show. I watched that show in syndication (I think it was syndication...) on Sunday afternoons when I was a little kid. Those puppets scared me a little, but that was the only reason why I really watched the show was for the puppets. And I remember they hung out at a bar....
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    Tuesday, September 09, 2003

    What You Didn't See Was That The Pulp From The Orange Got In Her Eye, and She Yelled And Screamed Some More...

    Does anyone remember that cartoon shown on Sesame Street involving this drawing of this stick figure girl whose hair was all matted up, and she couldn't get a comb through it, and she started to yell and scream and cry about it, and then her friend gave her an orange slice, and she felt better?

    That was me this morning, minus the yelling, screaming, and orange slice. I had dyed my hair Sunday using some cheap hair dye (Revlon Colorsilk) and it didn't leave my hair as soft and manageable as all the other hair dyes I have used in the past. So I have/had these huge knots in my hair right now. What usually takes me only 2 minutes took me nearly 15.
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    Monday, September 08, 2003

    Please Hammer, don't hurt hurt them enough with that movie about your life...

    (Originally Posted September of 2002 in my other weblog)

    I saw this on VH1 today:
    (just a few seconds, that was all I needed to see before flipping though the channel)

    Yes, that is an MC Hammer movie. A movie about MC Hammer's life, and it just looks like Hammer won the National Pear Farmers Award.

    I've never seen this movie on VH1 ever again. Sorry for the "encore presentation" entry today, but I didn't get the chance to bang out a new entry today.
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    Sunday, September 07, 2003

    A-a-h-a-n-r-e-e- *

    I got new sheets today on clearance at Target for around $10.00.

    And yes, I hate that beige flower wallpaper too. I wanted to tear it off when we moved in, but mom wouldn't let me.

    I love the "advanced search" feature on google. Whenever I search for Ed I can omit that one weblog that said how much she hated Ed now when I search!

    *=you're probably wondering about the title of this entry. Everyone is talking about Hurricane Henri out here, and finally after all these years I know how to pronounce "Henri" now. But of course, if the hurricane came into my neck of the woods (which it won't) everyone in town would still call it "Henry".
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    Not For Silver, Not For Plate?

    You know something that is so 1996? [Adults] wearing character ties. I haven't seen an adult wearing a character tie since my middle school days since 1996-1997. I don't even think I've seen one in a story in a few years either. Maybe in a cubicle somewhere in Atlanta there is an accountant wearing a funny tie with Taz on it.
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