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Saturday, September 27, 2003

I'm Showing My Age Here

(originally posted in my other weblog on Feb 22, 2003)

but it looks so werid to see a talk show host holding a record.
That's REM's "Murmur" in case you're wondering

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If It Didn't Happen in 1974...

Written at around 1 a.m. earlier today

I was reading Tavie's blog and she brought up the last Roseanne episode, and so I went on google groups, and I started to read about other last episodes of shows (or season finales) and I started to remember the Dinosaurs series finale. Wasn't it about an hour long, and the show dealt with this war about Pistachios? And how the war about Pistachios caused the whole planet to freeze over and everyone died? I think I was 9 or 10 when that aired, and I bawled my eyes out when it was over. I wish I could see that episode again. I wish I could see the show again. I think Disney Channel used to show it for a few years, but they don't anymore.

I admit that when I saw the season finale for the first season of Ally McBeal on FX a couple of years ago, I cried. It was the part where John told Ally something along the lines of about whether or not they year was a success if you go back and remember the special standout moments. (I got that quote from google groups, sorry), I used to have the quote written in a journal but I forgot it now.)

In my opinion the worst but yet unique series finale was the Sienfield one. That finale didn't impress me, but I think that was the way Jerry and Co. wanted it to be. I thought the Mad About You finale was pretty good too. With Jeanane Garfolio playing the grown up Mabel and she made a documentary about her life, and there was a bunch of reenactments by Paul and Jamie. I liked that. I wish I had that on tape.


I'm now reading a thread about surreal moments on TV, and this one really struck me:

People have told me that I am imagining this one (which took place
around 1975), or that it's an urban legend a la "Cram it, Bozo." But
I can remember seeing a "censored" version of the story on TV, and
reading the account in newspapers and magazines, with accompanying
color photographs:
At the end of her news report, a female anchor on a Florida television
station (I remember it was a UHFer) said calmly, "And now, a
television first...a live suicide," or something like that. Then she
pulled out a gun and shot herself in the head.

> I've never seen this event myself (I didn't even visit Florida until
> 1979), but it was a local event. The anchor in question was Chris
> Chubbock, who was the morning anchor for Sarasota ABC affiliate WXLT
> (now WWSB) Channel 40. In 1974, she said something like "And now, to
> keep up with the station's policy of showing you blood & guts in living
> color, a live suicide." She then pulled a gun out of a shopping bag,
> then shot herself. As for the cause, she was probably mentally
> unstable.


Ok, now that's going to give me nightmares tonight.

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Friday, September 26, 2003

We Get Excited Over Things.

My mom and I got way too excited about putting stuff in our new/old fridge today. Funny how the one we got used for $350 is 10 times better than the one we bought brand new for like $1,400 six years ago.

Lewis Black brought up Miffy during Back In Black last night. I got way too excited over that too. I can't help it. I love Miffy.

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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Hello, 80's House, Anita Answering

We got a new/old fridge today to replace the one that died last week during the hurricane. I love it. It's something from the 80's. It's better than the new fridge we bought six years ago that died. This one has personality!
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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

They're All From The Same Barn.

So, another stupid reality dating show starts tonight. Why does every single woman on that show look the same? And every single guy on those shows look the same too.

I want to get out of the house so badly. As of today, I've been home for a week. But a lot of places still aren't open, or they still don't have power. Some places are getting looted (according to Bob Matthews [a.k.a "Rocca Helms"] on News Channel 3 this evening) which makes me scared to leave the house "by its self". I want someone here at this house at all hours.
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Why Must I Always Associate Airports With Sex?

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We Have To Use The Rake...

Why did so many kids have lice in elementary school? I'm sure everybody's school had to have to biyearly lice test in which the whole class lined up outside of the nurses office, and a kid would go into the office one by one, and she'd run her hands though our hair, and peek in our scalps. I remember at least five kids in our class every year had lice. Is it because most kids in elem. school only bathe every other day? Is it because elementary school kids share too many things? I remember during recess some of the girls would brush each others hair with the same brush, or use the same scrunchy (sp?). Or maybe it was because the neighborhood our school was in was a little "bumpkin", I don't know.

And since I'm on the subject, I recently found a copy of our school's rights and responsibilities handbook in my room (don't ask why...) and this is what they have "banned" for hair:

Curlers, picks, combs, or rakes in the hair

Rakes? I think I always meant to ask what exactly was a hair rake, but I never did.
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Does He Shop At The One Across The Street From The Other One?

Yes, You.

It's a proven fact: Ed Helms shops at the gap.

I could buy that shirt if I wanted to. I have my dad's creidt card (I had to update my tripod membership info the other day) on my desk right nooowww....I woln't though. I look horrible in t-shirts.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Advance To New Advil!

My mom bought me three York Peppermint Patties today at the seven eleven, and they were $.75 each. Isn't that a bit too much for a York Peppermint Pattie? Aren't they usually like $.50 each?

I've been looking at Dan Cronin's site for months,and here I didn't know he did one of my favorite Premium Blend performances. I forgot he was the guy with the eyebrows.

Update on old man in my history class. Wait, I never brought him up here. Here's the original entry on him:

There's this old man in my history class who wasn't in class the first day, so during the first hour of class he kept on asking these really off topic questions, or questions that were answered in the class before (when he should of been in there) and everyone wanted to say something to him. I heard some groans from the younger folk in the back, and I wanted to groan and breathe out loudly through my nose right along with them, but the man was sitting next to me. I know the professor wanted to just tell him that he needed to get back on course, but since the student was older than the professor, he didn't want to start some ruckus. The other older gentleman in our history class talks too loud. Whenever he says something I can hear and see out of the corner of my eye the people around him shuffling away from him. I haven't had a problem with the older peers in my other classes though. They've been really nice, and they've talked to me the most, but what happened today really ticked me off.

He wants all the teachers attention when we have our breaks. THe second 90% of the class leaves to get a drink, smoke a cigarette, etc, he talks talking about either:
A) History (not related to the history we're learning in class)
B) What he did when he was in the military
C) Something about how great it must be to be a teacher.

There's some other things too, but I don't remember them. He's always bringing up this book called "The Gift Of Teaching" and about how much he wants to find it. He brought gifts to class last Tuesday. He brought the teacher a book about Westpoint, and he brought 3 cd (of what I don't know) to this woman that was sitting next to him the last two class periods. She looked at him a little awkward.

Something I told a Live Journal Friend:
I saw Glory in 8th grade, and at the end all the girls in the class cried. All the glitter on our eyelids were smeared up after that...
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Monday, September 22, 2003

Our fridge died as a result of dad hooking it up to the generator for like two hours Thursday night, so we're still eating room temperature stuff, and using a cooler as our "fridge". I think we're going out tomorrow to look for one of those dorm room fridges for now since we really can't afford a regular sized refrigerator right now. Since I have never lived in a dorm, I probably won't know how to use it. that's a little joke there I can't wait because I'm a little tired of drinking watered down drinks. I'm having to drink Sunny Delight (oh, excuse me Sunny D) with ice. For some reason dad picked it up yesterday when he went to the grocery store. Why did Sunny Delight have to officially change its name to "Sunny D". I guess they're trying to be exTREEM (as my live journal friends call it). I remember when Teddy Grahams went exTREEM a few years ago (instead of its usual shape, the crackers were wearing "clothes" composed of baggy shorts and t-shirts, and I think all the cookies were shaped to be playing basketball and skateboard. Well, back to the Sunny Delight. Does anyone remember the green Sunny Delight? It was around when I was in fourth or fifth grade, I think. It was awful. I don't think I can drink "green" stuff anymore. Mountain Dew, that crappy DnL soda, etc...

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Due to the hurricane, our power was out for about four days. I've typed it all up here:

(with pictures!!)

I've also written some things in my paper journal that will be new blog entires in a few days.
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