April, 2003

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Ok, a lot of TDS People Were On Shows Other Than TDS This Month. Here's the run-down:

Jon on "Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn" - April 10, 2003

Steve Carell on "Watching Ellie"
(I only caught one or two eps. of Watching Ellie. Sorry)

Matt Walsh in a Conan Sketch:

Mo on The Jimmy Kimmel Show (April 21, 2003)

Stephen Colbert in a Mr. Goodwrench Ad:
(I know there was several Mr. Goodwrench ads, but I only have one on tape)

Jon in an ad for Primetime Glick

Ok, now on to the TDS screen caps.


*if you want any of these screen caps, (like one or two or three) you can always e-mail me.