Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Helms Watch 2004

I thought the first time Ed didn't wear his glasses a few weeks ago, it was just a one time thing, like Ed just wanted to try something different. When I saw his last field piece last week, I thought he was back to the glasses, but I guess its official when I saw last night's episode : Ed has really really gotten rid of his glasses. and I weep

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Even Websites Have Lost Screencaptures

If it wasn't for this very weblog I would have forgotten to watch Jon tonight on Larry King. (I'm timer recording it right now, I just remembered like five minutes ago, I was just checking to see if any comments were posted, and I saw the below post about Jon being on tonight, and them I turned on the TV)

The same thing happend three years ago when he was on--and I used to have screen caps of that somewhere on the site, and I lost them.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

"I Said Back Off, Murphy!" *

I got this e-mail today:


Just in case you haven't heard this (though you
probably have), Jon Stewart is supposed to be
appearing on Larry King Live Friday. I only became
aware of this because I happened to catch the show on
Monday, when he went through his guests for the week,
including Jon as Friday. But yes....

Just a heads up for you.



*=I couldn't think of a better title, I'm watching South Park right now.

This Time It's Not French

I beleive Mr. Helms co hosted the Majority Report With Janeane Garofalo last night. You can find an MP3 of it here.

Red Hot Citi Bank Love

In the newest issue of People magazine (the so called hottest bachelors issue--hottest bachelors my ass--I remember when I liked Vance DeGeneres, I'd always get the hottest bachelor issue and see if Vance was in it, and he never was, and now I look for Ed Helms and he's never in there either. 'Bastards at people don't know who's good looking) there is a Citi ad that has a make your own bumper sticker in it, and I made this one:

I think the reason why its so sloppy is because I made it like at 1:30 the morning after my birthday.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Rocca to take to floor for ‘LKL’

Television personality Mo Rocca will be Larry King’s man on the convention floors this summer. The Bethesda native and erstwhile correspondent for Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” told The Hill Tuesday he’ll also be appearing on NBC’s “Today” show as the campaign season heats up.

A presidential-history buff, Rocca will release a book this fall titled All the Presidents’ Pets: The Story of One Reporter Who Refused to Roll Over, and will be hosting a special on the History Channel.

Rocca was in town to emcee a benefit at the National Postal Museum for the History
Channel’s “Save Our History” initiative, at which Education Secretary Rod Paige and Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman received awards.

The 2004 race has yet to really take shape from a comedy perspective, according to Rocca. He said the typical President Bush joke now refers to his being detached, rather than dimwitted.

As for John Kerry, the standard joke has yet to materialize. Every time you want to peg him as too serious, said Rocca, “you remember that he pulled someone out of the Mekong Delta.”

Monday, June 14, 2004

Oh, and for the swear to god last time do NOT e-mail me anything Political, please. I have no interest reading it, and no I don't know anybody on the show to get the politician you love on the show.

Sorry about the outburst.

Like The Time Pee Wee Married The Fruit Salad

I got this comedy central press release in my box today about a new show that will be coming on soon after the TDS repeat @ 7:00:

***For up-to-the-minute and archival press information and photographs,
visit COMEDY CENTRAL’s press-only website at***


LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2004 -- COMEDY CENTRAL introduces a new take on the traditional debate show format, where comedians pose as experts and debate real people who don’t know the show is fake. Out of the Crossfire, beyond Hardball, this is Crossballs: The Debate Show, premiering Tuesday, July 6 at 7:30 p.m. Each half-hour episode will debut on Tuesday through Thursdays for eight consecutive weeks.
"Crossballs," hosted by Chris Tallman, puts unsuspecting real people, experts in their field, against characters played by comedians in a heated debate on current issues. The show includes other bogus elements, including fake TV magazine stories, commercials, and additional “experts” who appear via phony satellite feeds. Shot in front of a live audience, “Crossballs” is a smart, comedic spoof of programs such as “Crossfire,” “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” and the entire Fox News Network. Characters breathe life into stodgy old debates, with opinions like:
“Sports stars should be kept in cages.”
“People should be allowed to hunt animals with their cars.”
“We should all have the right to marry food.”
“Immigrants would be happier on the moon.”
“Fixing bad neighborhoods starts with dressing the homeless as clowns.”
“Fashion is a gay conspiracy.”
The “Crossballs” cast includes: Comedians Matt Besser, Mary Birdsong, Andrew Daly and Jerry Minor as well as the host, Chris Tallman. These comedians portray different characters in each episode. They pose as “experts” and bewilder real people -- true experts who aren’t in on the joke.
In the debut episode, the heated debate is on Reality TV. Besser plays a Reality TV star who believes that true actors are “liars” and says it takes more talent to eat bugs than act. Also, Andrew Daly plays a mentally challenged, wannabe reality star who doesn’t understand why he can’t volunteer to be pranked on a hidden camera show. They debate against real experts, a professional actor of stage and screen and a casting director for Reality TV shows, who are outraged and baffled but never realize the whole show is a joke.
In the second episode, Besser portrays a driving instructor who teaches “offensive driving”, and believes women should not be allowed to drive SUV’s. Jerry Minor plays a taxi driver who claims he’s mastered the art of drunk driving. When the discussion turns to the topic of elderly driving, Mary Birdsong argues that the elderly “unlearn” how to drive as they get older, and at age 55 should be forced to paint their cars bright orange to identify themselves.
Matt Besser, improv actor and one of Crossballs’ executive producers, was a creator and performer in “Upright Citzens Brigade.” Mary Birdsong was a cast member on CBS’s “Welcome to New York.” Another improv actor, Andrew Daly, was a cast member on “Mad TV” and Jerry Minor is a former cast member of “Saturday Night Live” and HBO’s “Mr. Show with Bob and David.” Host of “Crossballs,” Chris Tallman, has appeared on “Reno 911” and “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment.”
"Crossballs" repeats Wednesday through Fridays at 1:00 p.m.
Credits for "Crossballs" include Charlie Siskel and Matt Besser as executive producers with Zoe Friedman and Gary S. Mann serving as executives in charge of production for COMEDY CENTRAL.
COMEDY CENTRAL, the only all-comedy network, currently is seen in more than 85 million homes nationwide. COMEDY CENTRAL is owned by Comedy Partners, a wholly-owned division of MTV Networks. COMEDY CENTRAL is a registered trademark of Comedy Partners. COMEDY CENTRAL's Internet address is


Thursday, June 10, 2004


The trailer is up for the movie Blackballed : The Bobby Dukes Story (the movie with Rob Corddry in it). Ed Helms has a small role in the movie also.

"He Made Us Dance With HIm!"

I saw Steve Carell in that "Come To Papa" show on NBC tonight, but here's the kicker, the second he came on screen, our local news decided to cut in with a weather report. But he was on throught the rest of the show.

I think that Steve is a regular character on the show since his name wasn't in the ending credits as it would be if he was just a one time character.

- - -

New layout for the month of June. Yup, its an old layout from the Ed site that I did a few months ago and really liked, so I put it on the TDs site too.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Now I remember what I was going to post! Monday night, the subject of oil/gas prices was brought up, which made me think of these two incidents:

"What Are You Suddenly, Queer For Whales?!"*

oh, and the time Jon "ate" oil (two years ago):

and from what I remember from it, he was saying stuff like "once you go Iraqi, you never go backi", and something about how much Canadian oil sucks.

Oh! And don't forget the jumble game that's on air force one (May, 2001)

The first second I saw that I remember , I didn't get the joke, I thought "Lion?" and then I said "ohh, OIL!"

*=still one of my favorite daily show lines of all time.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Too Poor To Travel?

I was looking at a tape from spring of 2002, and I saw the ad for Matt Walsh goes to Hawaii:

Thursday, June 03, 2004

'Traded in his glasses for a new tie.

It finally happened. Ed Helms got rid of his glasses. Aw.