Saturday, July 31, 2004

New Old Or Old New

Seeing Ed Helms nearly fall on his ass is funny.'Just is.

Ok, all the screen caps I made from the DNC episdoes this week should be up now.

And for something completly different; hre are screen captures from the DNC Convention shows from 2000. Keep in mind I made these nearly four years ago, hence the crappy quality (these caps must have been resized five times in the process of four years) Oh, and ignore that "November 7, 2000" date on the upper left hand corner of the page.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Over A Drunken Night Of Wine Coolers

I made screen captures of last night's show:

Rob looks like he's wearing a toupee in that old photo of him.


Snippet Of An Article:

Mat men cometh

"There's a dog-and-pony show to everything," explained Big Show, a 500-pound, 7-foot-2, World Wrestling Entertainment performer from Tampa who said he had a hard time slipping between the metal detectors to get into the convention. "I think our whole world has become entertainment. You have to make things entertaining to give them an enlightening tone."

Big Show said he was particularly impressed with Bill Clinton's entrance onstage for the 2000 Democratic National Convention. The camera work, he said, looked borrowed from the wrestling world.

"It was the 'Raw' entrance -- the low camera shot," Big Show said.

One of the other wrestlers, Mick Foley, who broke in as Cactus Jack and once was The Rock's tag-team partner, says pro wrestlers, like everybody else, have issues. "Heath care is a huge issue," Foley said.

The wrestler said his biggest thrill has been meeting Ed Helms and Rob Corddry, two reporters from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, who are here spoofing the convention for the cable TV show.

For those of you keeping score at home: That's a fake wrestler being impressed by meeting two fake newsmen who have become stars of a show that parodies the news.

It all fits. The convention itself is kind of a parody of a news event.

Speaking of which, one of the Ohio delegates is talk-show host Jerry Springer, who walks the floor, leaving other delegates in his wake shouting, "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"

In other news, Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of the presumptive nominee, told a pissant newspaper editorial writer to "shove it!"

It is one of the few unscripted moments of the week, and something that I'm sure Big Show would applaud as entertainment that gives an enlightening tone.

Whatever that means.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"Does Showing Crack Lead To Crack?"

May, 2004 [finally] added

They Want To Hear Some Asia , Toto and that Crystal Pepsi Song Van Halen Sang.

The Indeicison 2004 site is geared up for the convention this week. See?

The correspondents share which outdated rock songs they’d most like to hear at the convention

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Schedule for next week:

Tu 7/27: Coverage of the Democratic National Convention
We 7/28: Coverage of the Democratic National Convention
Th 7/29: Coverage of the Democratic National Convention
Fr 7/30: Coverage of the Democratic National Convention

No show Monday;but a show Friday.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

And They'll All Talk Over Him

Lewis Black is going to be on The View Friday:

Fr 7/23: Sharon Stone, Jon Heder, Lewis Black

Monday, July 19, 2004

Where They Make Candy Beans

Oh, and repeats this week due to one of the conventions being held next week in Boston.

I still don't know if Daily Show is going to be doing shows in Boston next week, but I doubt it because of these factors:

  • I never saw an ad for tickets to see a taping in Boston, unless they were TV/print ads that only ran in Boston, but I'm sure someone would have mentioned it on The Daily Show Live journal community if they had seen an ad for it in Boston.

  • Jon's wife just had a baby, I'm sure that Jon doesn't want to leave his son for a week this early.

  • Yeah, I only have two factors. I'll try to see if I can dig up anything.

    Jon's Much More Harier

    From Emily:


    While browsing through my usual New York Times
    Sunday, I happened upon this picture in the middle of
    the front page in the Arts & Leisure section.
    Ironically, even though Jon is shown in the picture
    I have attatched, neither Jon Stewart nor The Daily
    Show is even mentioned in the article "You Can't Do
    That on Television!" (written by Scott Robson).
    Oh well, at least the artist (Lara Tomlin) seemed to
    have her priorities straight.

    Clockwise from left: Marge Simpson, David Carson (?), Donald Trump, Tyra Banks and Jon Stewart proceed by nothing but their networks.

    Thursday, July 15, 2004

    So That's Chuck

    "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" Cited Again For Program, Writing and Directing;
    News Satire On A Roll After Winning Two Emmys In 2003

    NEW YORK, July 15, 2004 -- COMEDY CENTRAL earned seven nominations in the 2003-2004 Primetime Emmy Awards competition, it was announced today.
    "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," the network's unique news parody series, has been nominated for three Emmy Awards, for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series, and Outstanding Individual Achievement In Writing In A Variety Or Music Program. Chuck O'Neil, the program's director, was singled out by the television academy for Outstanding Directing For A Variety, Music or Comedy Program. The show won two Emmys last year for the series and for writing, the second time the Peabody Award-winning "Daily Show" has won the writing Emmy.

    Wednesday, July 14, 2004

    And William Hung Will Sing At The Anniversary Banquet.

    Guess what tomorrow is?

    Four years ago, I opened the site. And boy did it look bad back then. (well, I mean my site still looks bad, but not as bad as it did four years ago) Three words : Geocities. Page. Builder. I don't anyone who looks at my site now looked at the site back then, but here's a brief summary of what the page was like back then:

  • There was a different background on every single page

  • Too much stuff on the main page.

  • Really bad screen captures from an old "what's on Comedy Central Right Now?" site.

  • I tried looking for a version of the old site on, but I couldn't find one, but I did find an old version of my site from the old 0catch days.

    What was I thinking with that layout?

    Tuesday, July 13, 2004

    Sweating Buckets

    I didn't set my VCR right, so I missed Carell on Kimmel last night, but this is what my friend had to say about it:

    Steve Carell was on Kimmel last night. He and Nancy
    just had another baby 5 weeks ago. A boy named John.
    And he was sweating so badly he was absolutely

    Now that I think about it, Mr. Carell does have a problem with sweating profousely. I remember this one time him and Colbert hosted the show while Jon was away in 2001, and their guest was Richard Lewis, and he kept on bringing up how much Steve was sweating, and he made fun of Steve's purple tie. I don't think I have a screen capture of that, because around that time I lost a lot of screen captures.

    Monday, July 12, 2004

    The Former Guy?

    Steve Carell is supposed to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight:

    Mo 7/12: Tony Danza, Steve Carell

    1995 Horniest Talk Show Host Winner

    One of my blog friends was watching an old episode of Beavis And Butthead, and she saw this:

    "hey, check it out, it's jon stewart!"
    "heheh yeah. he's the horniest talk show host ever.*"

    lol. random. (it was morphine's "honey white" video)

    *=this joke was made around the time the Jon Stewart show (on MTV/Syndication) was still on, or it had just gotten canceled.

    Wednesday, July 07, 2004

    The Funniest People in America

    The Funniest People in America

    Here are video clips from the time Jon and the gang was on Oprah.

    Dick Run 2000

    As everybody knows by now, John Edwards was picked yesterday to be the VP candidate with John Kerry.

    (when John Edwards announced he was running for President on Daily Show in September of last year)

    Which made me think about the episode of Daily Show in which Dick Cheney was announced that he was going to be Bush's VP pick, which coincidentally was the first episode of Daily Show I ever got on tape in July of 2000, so I banged out a transcript:

    See Dick Run!!!

    Woman's Marshmallow Ordeal Makes 'Daily Show'

    I found this article amusing since I hate marshmallows:

    Woman's Marshmallow Ordeal Makes 'Daily Show'
    Wyoming Woman Pulled Off Cruise Ship Over Yellowstone Food Infraction

    POSTED: 2:33 pm MDT July 7, 2004

    RIVERTON, Wyo -- A woman's arrest over an unpaid fine from not storing food properly at Yellowstone National Park has landed her on the Comedy Central television show.

    Hope Clarke's appearance on the show is scheduled to air on Thursday night.

    Clarke, of Riverton, was flown out to New York for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

    Clarke was arrested aboard a cruise ship in Florida recently as it returned from Mexico. U.S. Customs found an outstanding warrant for Clarke because she hadn't paid a $50 fine for leaving marshmallows and other food out overnight on a picnic table in Yellowstone back in July 2003. Food attracts bears.

    Clarke thought she had paid off the fine.

    She was held in jail for about 10 hours and went before a judge in leg irons.

    "The story itself is so inherently absurd that that alone is enough for us," said Daily Show producer Stewart Miller.

    Miller explained that the satirical news show became interested in Clarke's story because it fell under the "weird but true" category of comedy.

    Clarke said she agreed to do the interview because the producers of the show were very kind and understanding, and because talking about the ordeal helps her get over it.

    "It's easier to laugh at it now than it was," Clarke said.

    "Jon Stewart swapped his independence for parenthood over the holiday weekend. "

    I kinda assumed this was the reason why Colbert was hosting the show last night, and Mr. Nader let the cat out of the bag anyway, so here's the E! (the only article on google news about it) article about it:,1,14460,00.html?tnews

    Tuesday, July 06, 2004

    Watch Him Make Last Minute Edits To The Script With His Fancy Bic Pen

    I saw the newsbreak for tonight's show and Mr. Stephen Colbert will be filling in for Jon tonight.

    Thursday, July 01, 2004

    And People Still Complain

    Oh, and there's not going to be an episode tonight or Monday due to the holiday coming up.