Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Jon Has Legs

The two times a year you'll see Jon stand up on TDS.

I made caps of the show from last night afterwards, but blogger was down so I didn't have the chance to bring it up last night.

Monday, August 30, 2004

There's a Daily Show clip show special on tonight at TDS' usual time.

Friday, August 27, 2004

...On How To Be A Correspondent.

There was a New York Times article on Stephen recently:

(from the Colbert Report Live Journal Community )

Ok, I was going to start on a new layout for the site yesterday, and I was going to use this photo:

But it seems that everyone and their cousin is using that cap for live journal user icons and what not, so I think I'm just going to use an old layout or pull up a screen cap from 1999 to use for the next layout.

Monday, August 23, 2004

I got this mail the other day:

Hello there,
I'm David. I made some Jon Stewart for President bumper stickers and I was wondering if you might plug them. They are here:
'nuf said.

I like your site. I missed almost all of the DNC coverage, so thanks for the heads-up on the re-runs.
hasta luego,
David Benton

Straight From The Press Release




Tuesday, August 17, 2004

beginning of the end

(press release)
***For up-to-the-minute and archival press information and photographs,
visit COMEDY CENTRAL's press-only website at http://press.comedycentral.com***


On The Eve Of The Award-Winning Series' Coverage Of The Republican National Convention,
A Look Back At The 2004 Presidential Campaign To This Point
Special Will Be Followed By A Re-Airing Of All Four Episodes From The
2004 Democratic National Convention Starting At 11:30 P.M.

NEW YORK, August 16, 2004 -- With election fever gripping the country (at least the media) and the countdown to Election Day in full force, it's time to take a look not forward, but backward. "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" has culled through its' archives to create a half-hour special full of highlights and surprises from this year's political coverage. The resulting special, "Indecision 2004: Midway to the Election Spectacular," will premiere on Monday, August 30 at 11:00 p.m.
"Indecision 2004: Midway to the Election Spectacular" repeats Tuesday, August 31 at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
In just two weeks the Republicans will meet to stage their four-day product launch at Madison Square Garden and the official "beginning of the end" to the race for the White House will be on. For "The Daily Show," this presents an opportunity to step back from the stump speech slogan tryouts and swing state media buys to take a look back at how the President and the Democratic nominee got to this point in the campaign. "Indecision 2004: Midway to the Election Spectacular" features "Headlines" on the presidential candidates George W. Bush and John Kerry as well as the VP race between Dick Cheney and John Edwards and some memorable reports from "The Daily Show News Team" (Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, Rob Corddry and Ed Helms).

Immediately following the "Indecision 2004: Midway to the Election Spectacular," COMEDY CENTRAL will air all four episodes from "The Daily Show's" coverage of the Democrat's love fest in Boston last month. "Democratic National Convention 2004" features a profile of the history and attractions of the host city, a John Kerry biographical film ("John Kerry: He's Not George W. Bush") and a combination of reports from inside the convention hall and in-studio guests Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) and Senator Joe Biden (D-DE).
"The Daily Show," a nightly news parody launched in the summer of 1996, takes a reality-based look at news, pop culture, politics and the media. In each show, Stewart and a team of correspondents comment on the day’s stories employing actual news footage, taped field pieces, in-studio guests and on-the-spot coverage of important news events. Among its many plaudits, the critically-acclaimed series received the 2002-2003 Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series. It recently received three 2003-2004 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series, Outstanding Individual Achievement In Writing In A Variety Or Music Program and Outstanding Directing For A Variety, Music or Comedy Program. To date the series has received 11 Emmy nominations and taken home the big prize three times.
"Indecision 2004" marks the second presidential election covered by Stewart and his crack team of correspondents from "The Daily Show." The nightly news parody earned its stripes during the now infamous 2000 election, receiving an Emmy Award and a prestigious George Foster Peabody Award for its yearlong coverage of the race for the White House. Senator Bob Dole served as the series' Guest Political Commentator throughout that campaign.
"Indecision 2004: Midway to the Election Spectacular" is sponsored by AOL and Bass.
COMEDY CENTRAL, the only all-comedy network, currently is seen in more than 85 million homes nationwide. COMEDY CENTRAL is owned by Comedy Partners, a wholly-owned division of MTV Networks. COMEDY CENTRAL is a registered trademark of Comedy Partners. COMEDY CENTRAL's Internet address is http://www.comedycentral.com.

Friday, August 13, 2004

According to The Late Night TV Page, there is not going to be a show Monday, but new shows resume for the rest of the week next week. This might change over the weekend though.

Long Time No Post

I have to post this since Craig Kilborn was the first TDS host after all:

Daaaammnnnn... Craig's quitting his late night show after only five years.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Once in a while I look at the Guestbook on Ed's site, and there's always this foregin SPAM and poor Ed has to go back like every other day and delete it all.

Poor Ed.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

"Jim Henson's Baretta Babies!"*

mcchris.com - the imperial senate

Has Ed Helms in it. (well, his voice) I've only downloaded the first mp3.

* = Joel; MST3K (Teenagers From Outer Space) I couldn't think of a better title.