With Jon Stewart, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, David Javerbaum, and Ben Karlin.
(for the New York Library Young Lions Program)

CSPAN-2 Book TV 10/20/04

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"I think one of the lions outside just said, 'did he just make a dick joke?;"
Jon being bugged by a Green Party supporter

Since this was a reading of the America book; here are some ad libbed highlights:
"If you can't do a Jew joke in a library in New York, where else is it going to fly?" - Jon Stewart

"I assume you need the money for marble cleaner." - Jon

"Nobody ever laughs at the Plato shit"-Jon

"This is actually where Dewy Decimal is buried. This is his tomb! His whole family is buried here!" - Jon

Jon: Where is the line [that gets crossed]?
Ben Karlin: It's a dotted line, actually.

"I think he is one of the top green screen correspondents in the country." - Jon on Rob Corddry

Jon: I just did a dick joke in the library!
Ed Helms: And it gets the biggest laugh of the night!
Jon: I think one of the lions outside just said, 'did he just make a dick joke?'"

"Ed as you know is a licensed imaginener." - Jon on Ed Helms

"It's a court heckler!" - Ed Helms on a heckler in the audience who screamed "Roe vs. Wade!" when Jon brought up the chapter on the Supreme Court.

"I'm allowed to say that in a library right? Clusterfuck?" - Jon

"Ed Helms is a black maid!" - Jon on an audience question on whether Ed Helms is related to Jessie Helms. 

"Ed Helms, ladies and gentlemen! He'll fuck anybody in the room!" - Jon on when an audience member asked who was single on The Daily Show crew.

"I'm not gay enough to be the Governor of New Jersey!" - Jon

"Your accent makes you sound so smart!" - David Javerbaum

"I really got to get the fuck outta here!" - Rob Corddry on the last question of the night--nay a statement that the Red Sox made it into the World Series.




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