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In the years (four!) that I've been making sites about The Daily Show, I've noticed so many flubs, misspellings, and inaccuracies in Daily Show articles that it's made me go b.s. insane. So, a handy dandy guide on Daily Show:

The Host:
The host of the Daily Show since January 11, 1999 is Jon Stewart. NOT JOHN STEWART, but Jon Stewart. It's short for Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz (Note: Most sources incorrectly list Jon's middle name as Stewart. We have confirmed that Stuart is the correct spelling.)

The first host of the Daily Show (from July 22, 1996 to December 18th (ish) 1998 was Craig Kilborn. (not Kilbourne)

Current Correspondents:
This is the current correspondent roster:
Stephen Colbert (has been on TDS since 1997)
Rob Corddry (has been on TDS since 2002)
Ed Helms (has been on TDS since 2002)
Samantha Bee (has been on TDS since 2003)
Bob Wiltfong (has been on TDS since 2004)

Lewis Black

These People Are No Longer Involved With The Daily Show (since 2001):
Vance DeGeneres
Miriam Tolan
Matt Walsh
Lauren Weedman
Nancy Walls
Rachael Harris
Mo Rocca
Frank DeCaro

(I guess you can include Steve Carell in this list too, he lives in Los Angeles now and he doesn't have time for Daily Show)

The newest episodes of The Daily Show airs on Monday-Thursdays @ 11:00 p.m. (Eastern). No new episodes on Fridays (expect every four years when Daily Show goes to a political convention). Repeats of the previous night’s Daily Show air at (Eastern):
1:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
7:00 p.m.





*if you want any of these screen caps, (like one or two or three) you can always e-mail me.