*Ed's site sometimes has a list of upcoming improv/stand up dates. This page will probably be just for television dates now.

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(from a live journal friend--don't know if this is going to happen)

I'm not sure if you know this, but according to tv guide, Ed is going to be on Arrested Development this Sunday, playing a "Realtor romancing Lindsay--or so she thinks." Just wanted to let you know, because whenever I see Ed, my brain automatically connects him to you.

The Stuff That Seems To Be On All The Time:

Vh1's 100 Most Outrageous Celebrity Moments (all episodes) (check site for show times)

Vh1's Awesomely Bad Hair.
(check site for show times)
Ed's first  "commentary" comes in about 15 minutes into the special.

Vh1 All Access : Celebrity Crybabies (check site for show times)