Three Ways To Contact Me 


AOL Instant Messenger. 
I'm on this every Friday night. Please do not edit the message ("Diet Coke With Lime") I do that like a "password" of sorts)

Why Is This Site Here? I think Ed's a great guy, and I wanted to do a website about him. 

How Long Have You Been Watching Daily Show? Since about 1997. I used to watch the show on the weekends while I was cleaning my bedroom. When Comedy Central stopped showing TDS repeats on the weekends, I stopped watching for a while until January of 2000. After then I watched every episode, and started to record them in August of 2000, when my parents and I moved, and I stole their VCR. They never asked for it back.

So, What Do You Do? : I'm 20 years old, and I just started going community college, after a stint at a horrible "business college" and a stint being unemployed for a year.  Yeah, my life's one to envy [/sarcasm] 

Why Do Your Glasses Look Like Ed's? Pure coincidence. I swear. I do not try to dress like my favorite correspondents. I swear. I think the reason why I got them was because they were the cheapest men's (I don't wear women's glasses, I don't like them) glasses, and they looked nice. 

What's On The TV:
(changes every day)

What's On The Comp-uter:
(changes once a week)

Random Image From My Digital Camera:
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