Daily Show Things from April, 2002-August 2002



"I am Abe" - April 29, 2002 (Ed's first story)

"Opie's Skipping Bodies" - May 2, 2002

Ed talking about Child Stars Gone Bad

"Really!" - June 13, 2002
Ed talking about the old Lakers playing against the "new" Lakers

"Touched By a Scalpel " -  June 17, 2002


"Rama-Lama-Doo!" - July 10, 2002

"Why would you say that?", to Rob Corddry   

"Ed Helms' Cracker Barrel" - July 18, 2002

"Thanks guys! Aw, heck, the stock market is as simple as an Alabama weather man! Let's say you're a bean farmer, you farm beans, now if you're farming beans you don't do it by yourself, you use hired hands, pay them twenty to thirty dollars for an honest days labor, and to keep them working hard, you promise them a little extra if the price of beans go up, 'corse its going to cost your out of pocket to pay that extra. But maybe your wife already spent that money on a new hat, even if she already has about ten hats just like it that she never wears, and you can't return it 'cause it gots stains on it on account of all those fancy creams she's always putting up there. Now, you got no money and your migrants are down working for Steven's who is paying pennies on the bushel over and above." 


"Oot of the Closet" - July 24, 2002

"Watch me do this Jenga" - August 5, 2002


"Ticks Anuses" - August 8, 2002
Ed talking about Ticks Anuses.... The quiet audience reaction to Ed talking about Ticks Anuses... 

"Red Light Special" - August 12, 2002


"Mark Your Calendar - August" August 13, 2002

"Even Stephen With Ed Helms" - August 19, 2002

Stephen Colbert tries to teach Ed "Even Stephen"...and fails miserably

"That Dog Will Be The Breakout Star Of The Series" - August 22, 2002 

Ed talking about the new "osama" footage CNN has  

September-October, 2002