Other Things You May Of Seen Ed In

Budweiser "Victory Lap" commercial with Dale Earnhardt Jr. - 2002. Ed plays a um...for a lack of words, a drunk, and Dale gives him a ride home, but not until he gets a ride around the neighborhood to impress the neighbors, and the ladies. 

There's Ed flirting with the chicks...  

I found a windows media player (and quicktime) version of the "Victory Lap" commercial with Dale Earnhardt Jr. It can be found here.

Comedy Centrals Premium Blend November 2, 2002:

  Picture "courtesy" of Comedy Central

Premium Blend Q and A with Ed Helms

Name: Ed Helms
Alias: None
Where do you live? Brooklyn
Your motto: Eschew mottos.
What are your turn-ons and turn-offs? Turn on - Intercourse
Turn off - Congealed Salad
Name three qualities you look for in a person. 1 Healthy disdain for questionnaires 2 Good sense of direction 3 Writes cursive
What's your porn name? (Take your 1st pet's name and your mother's maiden name) Peanut Parker
If you weren't a comedian, what would you do? I'd be an accountant who wore really funny ties.
What's so sexy about comedy? The microphone.
Who's your favorite comedian? Brian Regan
In my spare time, I... Play bluegrass with Jake.
You can never have enough... Tangy Taffy
What's your fave Comedy Central show? The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
What's your most memorable experience as a comedian? Almost being assaulted by a drunk brain surgeon on Long Island.
If you go to hell, what will you tell Satan when you arrive? You don't exist.
Anything else? Nope.


The New York Friars Roast of Chevy Chase (taped September 28, aired on Comedy Central December 1):
(Ed wasn't there to roast anyone, he was just there "to look pretty" and to sit next to Frankie DeCaro)

Real Player clip of Ed being interviewed by Susie Felber about Chevy Chase.

I know this one is really really bright, but the beginning of the clip is really really bright

VH1's Awesomely Bad Hair - May,2003 :
[shown 1,392 times after May, 2003. Turn your TV on, put it on VH1, its probably on right now.]



Denis Leary : Behind The Anger (The Comedy Central Roast Of Denis Leary Behind The Scenes Special) - August 7, 2003. (hosted by Ed)

    Your obligatory  Ed Helms ass shot....  

MTV2's "What Were They Thinking?" (October, 2003)

VH1 All Access "Celebrity Cry Babies" (October, 2003)

VH1's Super Secret TV Secrets  (October, 2003)
(episode 1)

VH1's 100 Most Outrageous Celebrity Moments (April 2004)

ESPN Classic's Cheap Seats  (April 7, 2004)

The 2004 Emmy Awards (September 19, 2004) ["I Served With George Washington Skiff Boat Parody Skit")

CNBC's McEnroe (October 13, 2004)