Daily Show Things from July  2004 - September 2004


"Freedom Of Oppression" [July 15, 2004]


DNC Convention Shows {July 26-30, 2004}

Seeing Ed nearly fall on his ass is funny. 'Just is.

"They Had My Parents" {August 4, 2004}

"Grand Other Party" {August 10, 2004}

"Midway to The Whitehouse Special" {August 29,2004}

"Republican National Convention Coverage" {August 30-September 3, 2004}
Ed Helms as a cop : Disturbingly attractive. This was cropped out of the ending credits of the third episode when Ed got his inner thigh waxed. My question for you is ... where the fuck are you going?  

"May Divorce Be With You" {September 13, 2004}

"Cooters!" {September 15 , 2004}

"Bicep Orange Juice (The Squabble In Coral Gables Pre Show)" {September 29, 2004}

"The Squabble In Coral Gables" {September 30, 2004}