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The Guys From The Daily Show (Men's Journal Magazine-September, 2003)
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Mugged By Reality (Stop Smiling Magazine - Fall, 2003) 
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Entertainment Weekly (October 31, 2003)

TV Guide ("The News Fakers") January 24-30, 2004

Associated Press Photo [see caption] July 27-ish 2004

Giant Magazine [Oct/Nov 2004] 
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Picture of Ed found off of (I hope Moby doesn't yell at me for taking a picture off of his site). From my understanding off of Moby's Journal, Moby went to a wedding in Connecticut, and I guess Ed was there too. The picture was called "Groomsmen" , so I'm guessing Ed had a part in the wedding...

Here's a close-up on Ed.

Ed when he took a Computer Science Course at Oberlin in Fall of 1994. Ed was around 20 when this photo was taken.
(Either this is early digital camera technology, or early scanner technology)

Charlene Postcard. **

CD Cover: 
(made by Sarah and sent to me)

Ed and Nicole Bachman. She met Ed after one of the Comedy Central No Class tour shows. More details here

Press Photos. 
I don't know how old these are, I guess this was in Ed's "I'm too cool for glasses phase":
(the first one I've seen in a few places, and the second one is from


Daily Show Press Photos (2002).

Daily Show Press Photos (2004)
TCA Nominations Trade Ad (2003) *

Daily Show "For Your Emmy Consideration" tape [back cover]  (2003) *

Publicity Picture from

*=given to me by Melissa [as a birthday present]
**=Thanks to Sarah