Ed Helms [a project]
The Look-A-Likes

This is meant for joking purposes only, really. I just thought it was funny that Ed looks like so many people on tv. 

Ed Helms Look-a-like #1

Greg Germann

In an archived version of Ed's site there is a photo of him. In this photo, Ed looks a lot like Ally McBeal's Greg Germann.

Ed Helms Look-a-like #2

Aaron Brown

One of the very first times I saw Ed on TDS, I instantly thought that he looked like CNN's Aaron Brown. (ok, give Ed about 15-20 years and he'll really look like Aaron.)

Ed Helms Look-a-like #3

"That Alexis Guy From 'Angel' "

(submitted by April)
One day April told me that Ed looked a lot like the character "Alexis" from the WB show "Angel". I don't much about this show (because I'm out of touch with these trendy new things), so I just took her word on it.

Ed Helms Look-a-like #4

"Guy in Morgue from Undefeat Tournament 3 video game (or something like that...)"

I used to see this commercial all the time during Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Sci-Fi during fall of 2002. Lemmie set up the commercial for you. Ok, lady goes into morgue thinking her husband/boyfriend/live in male partner is dead and sitting in a fridge. Morgue worker opens up freezer with the Ed look-a-like in it, and she looks in his eyes, and he opens his eyes (as pictured) she gets angry hits him on the head, and storms out. He comes following after wrapped up in a sheet. I think the point of this ad is by playing this game you can pretend you're dead all the time without paying expensive morgue bills, and scaring the crap out of your lady friend.

*update: This is confirmed that this is NOT Ed.

Ed Helms Look-A-Like #5:
Guy in Raisin Bran Crunch Cereal Ad.

I love watching men eat cereal. Maybe that's the reason why I thought this guy looks like Ed (if Ed was stumbling around his apartment in the morning without his glasses looking for something to eat for breakfast that is). But seriously, this guy definitely has Ed's hair at least.

This guy is also in a Nicorette ad:

and I wrote somet
hing silly about him in the news blog also.

Ed Helms look-a-like #6: Guy In Being John Malkovich

I don't know the character's name, but he was in the last 10 minutes of the movie, and I think he was a shrink, I'm not sure. (I'm not that familiar with the movie. I had my win tv (the thing that makes screen caps) on comedy central while I was doing some work, and I saw him out of the corner of my eye) I mean look at that, they have the same part in their hair, and the same color tie and suit, and shirt.

Ed Helms look-a-like #7 : Man Playing Chess 

I was watching Insomniac on Comedy Central in July of 2003, and Dave Attel was in New York, and he went to this place where people stayed up all night (Dave walked in around 4:30 a.m.) and played chess. Well, there was a man in there playing chess with an much older gentleman, and he looked like Ed Helms. I can imagine that. He looks like a chess guy. You only saw him for one or two seconds, and the man didn't speak (since he was so wrapped up in his game). I really couldn't find a picture to compare Ed to the man, so I just used one that I had of Ed in a side profile.

Ed Helms look-a-like #8 : MSN Careers Clip Art Guy

I found this clip art guy in the winter of 2003, and he looks kinda like if Ed and former Daily Show correspondent Vance DeGeneres was in one of those Conan OBrien "if they mated" sketches. 

Ed Helms look-a-like #9 : Ameritrade Clip Art Guy

Ameritrade guy looks like Ed when he turns 43.  When Ed moves to the 'burbs of New Jersey with his 2.5 kids and he has to start worrying about the kids college funds, and he wishes he had turned to stocks back when he was on The Daily Show and not wasted his money on picture phones and digital cameras for the Digital Watch segments. He didn't need to buy those, he could have just used them for the day, and returned them to the store the next day. Sure he'd have to pay the restocking fee, but that would have been a small price to pay in 2004.