October, 2000
With Steve Carell

Advertisers know that life as a teenager can be hard. Everyone wants to fit in, but sometimes classmates pick on you, they'll call you names, hold you down while they take off your pants, stuff you in a locker, and yell 'Look at what we did to Steve!' Fortunately, the good people at Campbell's have had the courage the address one of the toughest issues facing today's teenage girls as well as to send a cautionary warning to young boys to brush up on their opening lines:
(start soup ad)
Two young boys go up to one of the boy's sister's room in which she is having a get together with her friends
Hey, we're making Campbell's Soup, anybody want some?
Thanks but we're watching our weight.
Other Girls:
Yeah ...
(end clip of soup ad)
And for good reason! I mean look at these girls! They got to be at least twelve, maybe fourteen ounces overweight. They'll never be popular if they keep eating food. And that's why I commend Campbell's Soup for picking up the mantle on the issue teenage weight loss. It's a dirty task, usually left to every other consumer product currently on the market.
(ad starts back up again)
Lots of Campbell's Soups are low in calories.
Girl 1:
I'll take tomato!!
Girl 2:
I'll take vegetable!!
Girl 3:
Clam chowder!
(pause ad)
Yes! You get to make them soup! You see, what Campbell's is selflessly doing here is showing impressionable young girls its okay to gorge themselves on delicious clam chowder and still stay thing like they're supposed to. And as for the boys, they learn that excelling in home ec. doesn't necessarily make you gay.
(ad starts up again)
voiceover lady:
...over 30 savory Campbell's soups have only 100 calories and 3 grams of fat or less per serving. So you can feel full in fewer calories. 
(ad pauses)
Plus, it's easier to vomit than solid food. (pauses) It is.
voiceover lady:
You always knew that Campbell's was good, you just didn't know how good!
(ad ends)
Campbell's soup. It's mm-mm-good especially if you're fat-at-at. 

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