October, 2002
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With Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, Mo Rocca, Rachael Harris and Stephen Colbert

The smell of democracy changes as it...ripens?

Gunpowder but with a little bit of rosemary

I think right now democracy is really ripe. Like we're going to have to pick a new one. I think it might be too ripe to eat. Democracy smells too ripe to eat. 

Democracy smells like Grape Nuts to me sort of. It's good for you, its not always easy to get through, the process of Grape Nuts can sometimes be painful, and it gets stuck in your teeth, but after you consume a bowl of Grape Nuts, you have a really fantastic bowel movement. 

I think that democracy doesn't smell like Teen Spirit (giggles), I think that democracy smells like young adult spirit, you know, whatever that is. I think that's the smell of people growing up, taking charge of their life, they're voting...

These days it is at best a potpourri of sage, cedars, orange rinds, rose petals, and they've all been mixed together and put into a very pretty crystal bowl and sat on the back of the toilet.  They sent the bathroom of America, whenever we drop a load of legislation in the bowl of congress, democracy acts as a freshener. 

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