Either Late January, 2003 or early February 2003
With Jon Stewart

We have to tell you that the AOL/Time Warner/Viacom saga does affect us here, personally. Our network, Comedy Central is half owned by AOL/Time Warner, the other half is owned by Viacom, so naturally when I heard the news today, I couldn’t help but feel half sad about it. Of course the other part of me, the Viacom half, really doesn’t give a shit. In fact, that half is actually gloating a little bit. But there’s a larger question to be asked about the AOL/Time Warner debacle, and its this : how the hell did AOL buy Time Warner in the first place? Who ok’ed that? Time Warner is a multi-media conglomerate with businesses in film, book publishing, magazine publishing, TV, they own Warner Brothers, AOL is an internet service that can’t control SPAM! They’re on version eight, their
eighth version, and they still can’t seem to grasp I need neither my mortgage financed, nor my penis enlarged! So…that is a half truth-your penis rates are going through the roof! But the shame of it all is (talking to himself) don’t get off script, boy!

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