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Friday, May 27, 2005

The Daily Show site on Comedy got redone recently! Bad thing is its really flash intensive. (I tried looking at it on safari and it wouldn't load up, I had to look at it on IE)

The Main Page:

The Correspondents Pages have been re-done too, I made shots of Ed's page:

Bob Wiltfong has a page too now!

The photo gallery pages have been redone too, but sadly no new photos (these of Ed have been up since the last time the TDS page @ was redone in 2002) :


Next thing on the gambit : me re-doing this blog. This blog is a mess.

I made a little update today, buy using mac's text edit and wiaitng for Tripod's file manager to load up. I miss front page. Does anybody know of a good freeware WYSIWYG html editor for OS X? Little help?


Well, today's update is the 2nd part of the "mon-uuu-mental" update from last month. It's a transcript of Craig Kilborn passing the Daily Show torch onto Jon.

Hopefully I can get a tv still capture thingy for my emac for my birthday next month so we'll really be back in business.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Good news:

I finally got a new computer.

Bad news:
I don't have a thing to make screen caps on or html on said new computer (its an apple emac)

I think I might have to do some temporary things like just take pics of the tv with my digital camera or just wait it out and get that $19.00 part I need from the online Apple store. And get some sort of freeware html program.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Does anybody have an mp3 of Jon Stewart doing an impression of Dr. Phil doing an impression of Pat O'Brien's "I'm so horny" tapes? I'd love to have a copy.

This is the first and probably last time I'll ever beg for a mp3 of something from TDS.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Two Comedy Central Things:

Democracy is alive and well, we're very happy to report. Our exclusive Indecision 2004 won not only this year's illustrious Webby Awards, but also the vote-in People's Voice Awards as well. Thanks to everyone who voted!


Sweet Christ. There is going to be a REAL Colbert Report soon in the third quarter of 2005?!

***For up-to-the-minute and archival press information and photographs,
visit COMEDY CENTRAL’s press-only Web site at***


"The Colbert Report" First Series Developed Under COMEDY CENTRAL's
First-Look Agreement With Jon Stewart's Busboy Productions
"Weekends at the DL" Extends The Network's 11:00 P.M. Real Estate To Seven Nights A Week
Untitled Adam Carolla Talk Show Welcomes Back The Former "Man Show" Host To The Fold

NEW YORK, May 3, 2005 -- COMEDY CENTRAL has green lit production on three new series starring Adam Carolla, Stephen Colbert and DL Hughley as it seeks to redefine late night as the new prime time and capitalize on the continued success of the network's flagship series, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," it was announced today during the MTV Networks Upfront presentation by Doug Herzog, president, COMEDY CENTRAL. "Weekends at the DL" will premiere on Friday, July 29 with "The Colbert Report" and the untitled Adam Carolla talk show bowing late 3Q 2005.
"Many of our viewers don't even get home until 11:00 p.m. making late night their own version of prime time," said Herzog. "Jon and 'The Daily Show' bring them to COMEDY CENTRAL each night and we feel that Stephen, Adam and DL will give them a reason to stay with the channel late into the night as they wind down with some of the most talented comedians working today."
Each of the three series will reflect the distinctive sensibility and personality of their hosts and can best be described as follows:

"Weekends at the DL" -- Take a trip into the world of DL Hughley on any given night of the weekend and here's what you're likely to find: cool and interesting guests, funny and entertaining conversation, and a hip vibe. This is exactly what Hughley hopes to bring viewers every night in his new, late night talk show. Shot in front of a studio audience, "Weekends at the DL" will air Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 11:00 p.m. (ET/PT) and premiere on July 29. Robert Morton, Hughley, Michael Rotenberg and Dave Becky will serve as executive producers.

"The Colbert Report" -- No "news" show can contain the personality, insight and overall rightness of "The Daily Show's" Stephen Colbert. That's why he now has a half-hour platform each night to give his take on the issues of the day, and more importantly, to tell you why everyone else's take is just plain wrong. What "The Daily Show" is to evening news, "The Colbert Report" is to O'Reilly/Scarborough/Hannity/Anderson Cooper, et al…except Colbert's show will be intentionally funny. This is the first project developed under the network's first-look agreement with Jon Stewart's Busboy Productions, Inc. and will be produced by Busboy in association with Spartina Productions, Inc. Stewart, Ben Karlin and Colbert will serve as executive producers. Series to premiere during late 3Q 2005..

Untitled Adam Carolla Show -- Continuing the network's foray into late night, Carolla will provide his unique comedic take on the events of the day, with a focus on pop culture. The format will include opening comments, an interview with a single celebrity guest, live phone calls from viewers and pre-taped interviews with Carolla and real people on the street. Shot in front of a studio audience, the series will premiere during late 3Q 2005 and be produced by Jackhole Industries. Carolla and Daniel Kellison will serve as executive producers.
COMEDY CENTRAL, the only all-comedy network, currently is seen in more than 87 million homes nationwide. COMEDY CENTRAL is owned by Comedy Partners, a wholly-owned division of MTV Networks. COMEDY CENTRAL is a registered trademark of Comedy Partners. COMEDY CENTRAL's Internet address is