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1997 (misc)

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Some Things From the 100th episode

Beth Littleford correspondent, head writer, and creator Lizz Winstead trying to teach Craig the pull ups song.
It's a Camel, and it drinks beer. Craig with the 100th episode cake...a few seconds later he accidently drops it on the floor. Craig Interviewing Jon in either late 1996 or early 1997.

The Daily Show Goes To The Dog Show

A. Whitney Brown being treated like a dog

The rest of the misc.

There used to be this image that was shown during the opening credits of what TDS was going to mention that night The dummy cop that got stolen
Some one-time correspondent named Rober Knight. He's not even on the IMDB listing for TDS I don't think.
God Stuff : I think this was the word of mouth thing that got people watching TDS back then. Ok, the one thing that made Craig better than Jon : Craig even did "correspondent stories". In this instance, going to a cat show!


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