These are goodies for your live journals, or message boards*

*if the image is too big for you to use for a message board (like if you use the kind of message board where you can upload an image--you can always (if you have AOL) upload it to your space. AOL keyword: My FTP Space. I think earthlink has the same thing--I think. Tripod, Geocites, Angelfire and nearly every other free host does NOT let you host images, if you do you will a huge broken image or a angelfire or tripod logo.

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Jon Stewart:

Stephen Colbert:

Mo Rocca:

Vance DeGeneres:

Steve Carell:

Nancy Walls:

Ed Helms:

Rob Corddry:

Samantha Bee:

Lewis Black/Frank DeCaro




Make Your Own Daily Show Fan Sticker"

Step #1 : Print out, and cut out.
Step #2: Use some clear packing tape to 'laminate' the paper that you just printed.
Step #3: Use remaining packing tape to tape the "sticker" somewhere. (notebook, school locker, etc...) Show everyone you're a TDS fan--for the price of ink!



*if you want any of these screen caps, (like one or two or three) you can always e-mail me.