December, 1998.

Thanks To Emile Nimms.
This was the second and last time Stewart and Kilborn were seen together. I might be wrong, but I think Jon was Craig's last Daily Show Guest.

Passing The Torch-Kilborn Passes It On To Stewart

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Craig gives Jon a phonebook b/c he's so short. This phonebook bit comes back in 2001 (click on image)He feels taller aleready!"I was thinking about changing the monitors to all menorahs"  And note that there was not a couch back then.


I hope to make a transcript of this one day soon. And go back and make a cap of Jon hugging Craig. If you didn't know, Craig was like 6'2. Jon only reached Craig's chest when he hugged him.


Wow. I remember when this aired, nobody thought that Jon was going to cut it out as a TDS host. Now its 2005 and Jon has a contract until 2008. And Craig practically walked out on his Late Night show, and dropped off the face of Earth. That's kinda sad. 



*if you want any of these screen caps, (like one or two or three) you can always e-mail me.