And What Not:

Daily Show / Comedy Central Whatnots
Ed's Bio Page On ComedyCentral.com
(includes real player clips of some of Ed's correspondent stories)

An Ed Photo Gallery On Comedy Central.com

Stand Up Central: Ed Helms

Premium Blend Q&A With Ed Helms

Ed Helms' "Confessions Of A Correspondent"
(one of the funniest things I ever read)

The Correspondents : The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms and Mo Rocca talk to The Onion AV Club 

Improv./Stand Up Whatnots

The Jakes
(One of Ed's old sketch groups)

The Osgood-Schlatter Show: Darn Good Comedy
(Ed performs in this sometimes)

New Talent Showcase
(Ed doesn't do this anymore, but the site is still up, so go enjoy the picture of Ed wearing an orange shirt and no glasses)

Eatingit.com - Comedy At The Luna Lounge

First Time Caller
(the movie that Ed's going to be in!)

Voiceover/"Business" Whatnots:

"Male Voice Talent"
Ed's voice is described as "versatile, warm/conversational, clear, compassionate, Guy-Next-Door, creative"

Ed's page on IMDB.com
Includes a rare "Ed without glasses" picture

Ed's Resume (rickdorfman.com)

(perma-links from the news blog, and these are just Ed articles. No Daily Show Articles)

"Vanesse Offers Stand Up Comedy Run" (brief mention) { March 23, 2001 }

Excerpt of a .pdf file from the Western Fuel Association {Sometime after September, 2002}

"Real Networks is a good sport" (article) {February, 2003}

"TV Guide's Worth Repeating" (scan) {February, 2003}

"Reporting Live From The Daily Show" (article) {March, 2003}

Ed Helms to talk of life, comedy at RTVF’s alumni conference (article) {March, 2003}

"Daily Laughs" (article) {March, 2003}

Alloy Magazine's online mention of Ed (screen capture off of site) {May, 2003}

Entrainment Weekly's mention of "I'm A Correspondent, Please Don't Fire Me!" (screen capture off of site) {August, 2003}

Comedy Central talent brings laughs on tour (article) {October, 2003}

Vote on how annoying Ed is. 
(and see a really outdated picture of him)

A news-article-fan-site-about-Aaron Brown
(everyone's favorite Ed Helms look-a-like)

Other Correspondent/Jon Sites:
Vance DeGeneres...A Former Correspondent On The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Mo Rocca [He's A Good Thing]
The Jon Stewart Resource
Bob Wiltfong's official website. 

Any other mentions of Ed on the internet that's not up here? Have Ed images just laying around the hard drive and you don't want them anymore? Why, you can just donate them here, of course. 

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Worst....layout...ever....Why did I make the page pink? Ed's a guy...guy sites shouldn't be pink! I liked the idea of this one, but the colors were just too dark for my old monitor, and I'm sure there was others who thought it was hard to read too.
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