December, 1997

With A. Whitney Brown

"One of the major stories this year was the increasing hostility toward both legal and illegal immigration. Most of it directed at those coming from South of our border. A bigger problem however, is the growing influx from North of our border. In particular the infliction of our entrainment industry by Canadians. While hard-working American news anchors like Connie Chung are forced to accept demeaning jobs on low rent magazine shows, smug know-it-all Canadian talking heads like Peter Jennings are spouting off on any disreputable show that's willing to give them a little face time. Besides, the unfair advantage of their superior education these gringos de los gringos are ideally suited for the American media due to the lack of originality in their own bland, decisive culture. I mean, are there no American actors that can fill the shoes of Alan Thicke? The crackdown on Mexicans and immigrants who have been stealing the minimum wage jobs of American lettuce pickers is good news, but isn't it about time  we do something about the actors like Jim Carrey who are taking away millions from Joe Piscispo? 

Thank you. 


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