October, 2002

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With Rob Corddry, Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms, Rachel Harris, and Mo Rocca.

Rob Corddry:
I think the Daily Show has exploded these elections. I think Jon 'lets go to Washington to exploit the midterm elections of most of the senators and representatives' Stewart is making this a bigger deal than it is.

Stephen Colbert:
I would say the reason that we're covering the midterm elections so had it that it has come to our attention recently that there are midterm elections, which is something I did not know.

Ed Helms:

The Daily Show came to Washington D.C. to cover the midterm elections...uh...not because anybody cares about the elections, because they don't, but because uh...there are a lot of interns here in Washington, and...its pretty evident.....

Rachel Harris:
I think the midterm elections are so important right now because um...I think Bush needs a lot of help.

Mo Rocca:
I think the midterm elections will be big news on November sixth. That will be when everyone wakes up, and realizes that there was a midterm election the day before, and they forgot to vote.

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