September, 2000
With Jon Stewart

Welcome back to the show, everybody! Still to come, Back In Black! 
Listen, folks. I host a television show, I don't often give tips to the audience, because you may be hosting a show sooner or later, and you will, cable's expanding. I had on a couple of guests here, they're called The Spice Girls, Posh and Baby, and when I host a show, its a party I'm hosting at my house. I think as a host, you want a certain feeling for the guests, a welcome, and I think this is the look you're looking for from the guest:

That's that look. I've seen that look before, I don't know where I saw it...oh wait a second:

Oh, are you a Sagittarius are you?

There you go, that's the look that girls give me all the time...

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