March 1, 2004
With Jon Stewart

We had a little incident here Thursday night, its kind of a funny story, I was on the show, and I said this word, the word is represent...when a man and a woman love each other very much ... and they want to display that love though an act of physical content there is a vulgar expression for that that I happen to know. I use that word as a noun, a plural, and apparently those around me have become so accustomed to hearing me work with those sorts of vulgarities, no one decided to stop it, so entering your homes, where perhaps your children were learning about God? I don't know! So you heard it in all its profanity, and uh ... oops? But here's the amazing thing, in this climate of political correctness, and this climate of FCC crackdowns, one didn't get an an e-mail, didn't get nothing. Not one. And you guys really make me think you're a bunch of (beep)....

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