June, 2001

With Steve Carell

Ad #1: (voiceover)
I see your home doesn't have the Slomin's Shield, aren't you scared?

White Family:
What is the Slomin's Shield?

Steve Carell:
That's a good question. What is the Slomin's Shield? And would it stop me from getting scared too?

Ad#1: (voiceover)
An advanced home security system! Installed free guaranteed! Call 1-800-ALARM ME

You bet I will, and so would any middle class suburban family, but Slomin's realized that they have to cast a wider net, and virtually re-invent their commercial to show that home security is also a major concern in 'da hood.

Ad #2: (voiceover)
How do you sleep secure at night?

African American Family:
Mom: With the lights on? 
Dad: Who can sleep with the lights on?

Perhaps you're not familiar with some of the 'slang' used in that last clip, but in order to appeal to a vastly different demographic, Slomin's had to drastically change the look and feel of their message. 'Know what I'm sayin'? Slomin's also knows that people deal differently with fear:

Ad #1:
Mom : Burglars pass by the Slomin's Shield!
Voiceover: Wouldn't you? Knowing that your family is protected by the Slomin's shield? 
Dad: I'm not scared anymore!

Well, that must be a tremendous relive to your family, you huge pansies. Now let's see how our other family deals with the imminent threat of a brutal home invasion:

Ad #2:
Dad : So, the Slomin's Shield is installed free?!
Kids : Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Mom : And a good night sleep for you and me!
Kids : and me!

But, alas, not for me. For you see, I cannot relate to their 'rap' music, but regardless of ethnicity, one thing's for sure : every family celebrates when they're protected by the Slomin's Shield!

Ad #1:
Family: (singing) o/` Shield Your Home...With The Slomin's Shield! o/`

Of course, even those celebrations can be vastly different:

Ad #2:
Family (singing) o/` Shield Your Home...With The Slomin's Shield! o/` [digitally inserted]
Chaka Khan!

Peace Out. Jon?

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