Airdate: June, 2001
With Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Jon Stewart: 
(at desk with Stephen after a report about an inventors convention)
What an exciting trip...

Stephen Colbert:
It really was, Jon.

Now when you go see an inventor's convention, does that inspire you as well?

It does. I have to say that I enjoyed a lot of the inventions, but I'm much more excited about an invention of my own, if I may. Can I?

Ok, I'd be delighted.

It's called the amaaaaazzzziiinnngg waffle ... maker, and what it is is that its a waffle carving kit, and what you do is you take a piping hot waffle, and you put one of the templates over it, and you take a razor sharp stylus, and then you cut down the cells of the waffle until you make a little maze, and then what the kids do is take the syrup and they pour it along the maze without double backing, going into the corners, and they try to get into the middle of the waffle where the pat of butter was still hot before the butter melts, and then if the butter melts before you get there, you throw it away and start with a new waffle.

They actually have things like waffle irons --

Yeah, they have a lot of things, Jon. They have pancake makers, but this is the future of waffle making, okay! And if you can be on my space age waffle or off my space age waffle, but this waffle is leaving the station
Alright, I'm coming out with an hearing device...

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