Airdate: June 18, 2003
With Ed Helms
Hi! I'm Ed Helms, and today we're taking a look at digital cameras, the revolutionary gadget that turns you PC into a dark room, which means that your darkroom can once again be your mom's pantry. Now, finding a digital camera can be a little confusing. I recommend small ones like the DSCP20 - it has letters and numbers. Sounds very professional. Now once you buy it, all you have to do is point and shoot. That is, make a point of reading the instruction manual, and shoot though its 250 some odd pages. 
After that, you will be on your way to be beginning to start taking your first digital photos. Like so (tries to take picture, but the camera makes a 'beep' sound) ... and the batteries' dead. That's kind of funny because I just changed it this morning. But that brings me to my next point : digital cameras use a lot of power, and you can only re-charge the batteries if they're in the camera. I'll just use this little baby right here. Now, we're ready to take some pictures, and once you've taken them, you'll want to transfer them from the camera into the computer. And all you do is hook this in here, and then that in there, like so, and we're ... having a camera recognition issue. Oh! That's probably because I haven't installed the software, which is no problem at all, it will only take a second, and while that's installing, I have a change to tell you another great (camera beeps, Ed growls) ok...
BATTERIES ALWAYS DIE!!!ok...luckily I already have some photos loaded onto my computer. I took these art a party I threw for a friend of mine who got her wisdom teeth taken out. That was a rage-er! She was in a lot of pain ... but with photos like these you're going to want to show them around, and that means printing your digital photos. How do you do that? Well, dummy, to print you just need a printer! Seriously, you're going to need a new printer. It's kind of a specialty item, and it runs around five hundred dollars, and not including the high-gloss photo paper that goes for another forty dollars a pack. Now, you're may be wondering why you would want to pay that much because traditional photo processing only costs a couple of bucks. But don't forget with digital photos, you do all the work yourself, and they don't look as good! Now even if you can't afford a fancy printer, there is a low cost alternative. What you need is one of these (takes out a Polaroid camera) an off-line analog capture and reproduction unit. It'll run you about 35 bucks, and its simple to use. All you do is aim it (aims toward computer screen) your digital photo, zoom in, and download! (laughs) And now you got an instant hard copy of your digital photo! It's really ... quite a pain in the ass. For digital watch, I'm Ed Helms. 
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