January 5, 2005
With Jon Stewart 

I'm watching the National [Football] Championship game, not because I have money on it, not because the deed to my house could be lost if I don't make the over, but for the love of the game. So I'm watching it, and at halftime I usually enjoy the show, the kids put on a great show. They work all year for it, and a young popstar Ashlee Simpson performed. Uh...and I think she had a tough time. Obviously her father has done a great job with her. I think under very difficult circumstances, he's made her a good law abiding citizen. Uh...unfortunately she can't sing. And uh...the Orange Bowl seats 70,000 people. You have to understand these are football fans, they applaud when people get hurt. So that's the kind of singing that was done at the Orange Bowl. And whatever money I won on the game, I believe should go to some sort of relief fund. 

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