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Sunday, August 31, 2003

My Day Offline

1:38 p.m.
I was watching this special on Trio called "Brilliant, But Cancelled", and they brought up the 1994-1995 primetime cartoon, "The Critic. There was a segment about the show in which the writers and the creators of the show said that one of the reasons why the show failed was because people thought it was too intelligent, and they didn't get the jokes -- what?! I was ten and eleven when the show was on, and I got like 80% of the jokes. And they also said that they made Jay Sherman too much of a loser. That's what made people love Jay. He was a loser! People could identify with that.

"I want a car that looks like the head of a duck!"
-Hal Sparks on the Pinto

3:05 p.m.
You know, I've never seen the beginning of National Lampoon's Vacation until today. I've seen the middle and the end a trillion times, but never the beginning. But I do remember seeing the scene when Clark shows the kids the map of their trip on that old skool hook up to your TV computer monstrosity when I was a little kid. (I didn't write this part in my journal) every time that movie is on, I always start watching it in the living room by myself, and then my dad comes on, and we always watch it together. It's the movie that bonds the family!

9:54 p.m.
I haven't gone online yet today. I've spent the whole day sitting on the couch watching the o'l television. This originally started out as me waiting for dad to come back from the firehouse so we could go to Wal Mart (mom's out of town this week) together, but he didn't come home until almost three, so we decided to just go out tomorrow. I sat and watched almost all of the Unwrapped Marathon on Food Network. Does anybody else think they're going too far with Unwrapped? I mean they're just pulling stuff out of their rears now with the ideals on the show, and they have a game show based on the show now.
I also flipped back and forth to Comedy Central. I saw the ad for the special a few times, and I got it on tape twice the two times I was upstairs today. I saw bits of pieces of:
  • Real Genus (or something like that)

  • Back To School

  • National Lampoon's Vacation

  • Revenge Of the Nerds

  • Half Baked

  • Hairspray (ok, that was on IFC)

  • posted by Connie Vandelay at 11:35 PM

    Saturday, August 30, 2003

    >Brush Regularly


    I thought the Crest Sparkle Fun toothpaste was the coolest thing ever when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I still remember that ad as though it was yesterday.

    Although I wish I had gotten the chance to try the "limited edition" "flavors" such as tropical punch and orange. I'd much rather brush my teeth with orange toothpaste than with *shudder* bubble gum...
    posted by Connie Vandelay at 9:10 PM

    Pee Thrower

    "She's a Merv Griffin Production"
    -Pearl Forrester

    It took me a couple of seconds to get that joke. I had to go back to when I was 8 years old when I'd watch game shows all the time.
    posted by Connie Vandelay at 11:26 AM

    All of a sudden I started to think about Little Caesar's Pizza. I haven't eaten a Little Caesar's Pizza in about 10 years I think. They're just not around anymore. I know they filed Bankruptcy a few years ago, and they closed down half of their locations, though. I remember there was like this "Great Pizza War" in the early 90's where Pizza Hut and Little Caesar's was one-upping their selves. I remember when both of the places had these huge pizzas. They were like two foot long and they barley fit in your car. And didn't Little Caesar's finally "sell out" and offer a round pizza? I think they did. Oh! And the Crazy Bread!! I loved crazy bread when I was little. And the time for a month back in 1993 when they sold the chocolate ravioli. (it was a piece of white chocolate candy shaped like a piece of ravioli and it had a chocolate filling). And the burp bottle that came with the huge package of Kool Aid promotion! I had like 5 of those bottles sitting in my kitchen. I rememner keeping litebrite pegs in one of the containers.

    Man, Little Caesar's....I think there's still one in Nickerson Plaza in Hampton, but by the time I got it back home to Wakefield the pizza would taste like leftovers.

    posted by Connie Vandelay at 4:14 AM

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