Beth Littleford and Vance DeGeneres

Late Winter, 2000: Beth Littleford, Vance DeGeneres, Steve Carell, Nancy Walls, Mo Rocca

(assorted, not in order, but I believe that they did five of these, and I only have like two of them on tape and/or as a sound wav)


Beth Littleford: (in chair)
On tomorrow's Good Morning AM Daily, we'll look at my son, Cody, and how he could kick that other Cody's ass.

Steve Carell: (outside)

Plus, I'll be standing outside.

Nancy Walls: (next to Steve, outside)

And I'll be standing next to him!

Vance DeGeneres: (in chair next to Beth)

And I'll tell you which birth defects Propecia causes.


That's tomorrow on Good Morning AM Daily. Good Morning!



Tomorrow we continue our week-long series on infidelity. Like four of the most commonly asked questions:

Vance (sitting in chair):

How did my wife drive me to do it?

Mo: (in kitchen)

Was it all her fault?

Nancy: (in makeup chair)

My husband did what?


All that, and (I'm sorry I can't make out his name) Phil Gherod (??) That's tomorrow on Good Morning AM Daily.


Tomorrow on Good Morning AM Daily: Vegetarians, are they really eating our children?

Plus, we'll tell you how to treat those Winter doldrums.

All that and guest Dick Butkis. That's tomorrow on Good Morning Am Daily. See you then!


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