Real Player Clip on the Comedy Central site in October of 2002 when there was a week of shows in DC

October 2002: Stephen Colbert, Mo Rocca, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Harris, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms

Stephen Colbert:
Make no Mistake. That's my favorite bush-ism. Make no mistake. He thinks people are making fun of him all the time.

Mo Rocca:

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on, shame on, shame on, um..fulmouth can't be fooled again.

I wonder what he thinks people think he's thinking, because he's constantly saying "make no mistake", "my resolve is strong", "Make no mistake", "this cannot stand". Um...he's worried that people are making fun of him all the time. I'd like a list of things he thinks they say about him.

Rachel Harris:
You know what? I think that probably my favorite Bush-ism is that a lot of times he might stop in mid-sentence and re-iterate what he's going to say, and sometimes he doesn't exactly say the right words, but I think that its because he's so passionate about what he's saying.

Rob Corddry:
HBO has a new special like "Getting To Know Bush", or "Running With Bush". It's like "What's up Bush?", its some special where they just show behind the scenes, and Bush looks lat the camera, and went (makes a sighing sound) he doesn't have to say anything anymore, the guy's brilliant.

Ed Helms:
A lot of people didn't actually see this, but uh...I asked Bush [speaking slowly] "what is your stand on Iraq?", and he said, and I quote: (Ed makes a horrible monster-like noise)

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