Real Player Clip on the Comedy Central site in October of 2002 when there was a week of shows in DC

October 2002: Rachel Harris, Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms, Rob Corddry, Mo Rocca

Rachel Harris:
If I wasn't a news correspondent, I'd be in the Barium and Bailey Ringling Brothers what not because I feel like uh...I'm a incredibly funny comedian. So I'd probably be a clown or work for Outward Bound.

Stephen Colbert:
If I wasn't a news correspondent, I think I'd probably be a boat builder. I'd probably be building a 40 ft. catch (?) maybe a fluke, or a J-Class to uh...and really just go around the world.

Ed Helms:
I really like Frisbee, and I would probably get into some kind of amateur Frisbee league.

Rob Corddry:
I'd be a prince. They have it so easy.

Mo Rocca:
If I weren't a news correspondent, I might be an actor. I might be a singer, but the truth is, I've always wanted to dance. (whispers) always wanted to dance...

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