Real Player during the time TDS was in DC for the Midterm Elections

October, 2002 - Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms, Rachel Harris, Rob Corddry, Mo Rocca.

Stephen Colbert:
Nothing. I don't believe in underwear when I'm on a shoot because they can bind.

Ed Helms:
When I'm interviewing somebody, I am not wearing anything at all from the waist down. Uh...I'm wearing pants right now because I'm being interviewed.

Rachel Harris:
The undergarment of choice for me is the granny pants because if I feel at all sexually attracted to the male, female, whatever, that I'm interviewing its going to distract me from my main goal, you know of really getting the story.

Stephen Colbert:
Tighty-whities, sometimes the barn door kind of things so things can 'hop around'.

Ed Helms:
Usually what I find is that if I'm not wearing any pants than I'm more comfortable. And, frankly the people around me are more comfortable.

Stephen Colbert:
I'll wear a thong occasionally if I'm wearing something tight, like something without pleats, but most of the time I buff it. You know, I go commando.

Rob Corddry:
I don't do this all the time, but most of the time when I'm out there on the streets or in the interviewing chair, I am wearing my pajamas underneath my suit., You know, I just feel comfortable. I want to be wrapped in soft cottom most of the time.

Mo Rocca:

Undergarments...well, some people are probably going to answer 'free balling' they're going to think that's funny, but the truth is that chaffs pretty harshly.


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