Airdate: February 10, 2003

With Jon Stewart and Ed Helms

Welcome back to the show. As we all know, technology has greatly simplified our lives in one way or another. Our existence has little if no meaning. Here to show the latest in tech. news, views, and advice, is The Daily Show Tech. Geek-
Ed: (backstage)
I am NOT a geek!
Ed Helms in Digital Watch.
One of the best things about computers is that they give you incredibly easy access to a variety of media. I like to say that owning a computer is like having your very own TV with a built in radio. It's called multimedia, and while that may sound like crazy future-talk; its really quite simple. Today, I'll show you just how easy it is to download or get all kinds of online entertainment, from music (Toto song plays in the background) to video, and movie clips (shows video for aforementioned Toto song). To-to! All it takes is a multimedia player. One of the best is called Real Player, and getting it couldn't be easier. Let's say I have a movie I want to download--could be porn--, anyway, all I need to do is visit the Real Player site. Of course, you could pay $19.95 for the premium version, but there's also a free version that's perfect for people who's ex-girlfriend ran off with my credit card. Just click here, and we're downloading. (hums Toto song) You know what? While we're waiting, I can tell you the URL ok? That is the uh...web-thingy that you uh...type in. Ok, I got it right here (reads off paper) www-dot-r-e-a-l-dot-com, slash, real one player, dot-html, question-mark, p, p, equals, ampersand, equals, one-one-one-percent sign, underscore, two. Ok, let's say we check on that download. Ok, ninety-two percent to go, we are truckin' ! (giggles). Stuff takes a little while sometimes. Luckily, I have real player pre-loaded on this other machine right here. So, here we go! We're ready to watch some digital video! And we're buffering! What is buffering God Damnit! I just downloaded...ok, well, one thing you might want to do, which I've done, is have a pre-buffered digital video clip qued up and ready to go on the third machine right here, and its a Quicktime file! F--k me!
Ed, lets just wrap it up, Ed.
Sure! Ok, well, anyway, as you can see, playing media on your computer isin't just easy, its incredibly time consuming! Well, that's all for today, and if you still have any questions, you can e-mail me at (looks at third machine)'s frozen!! You know what?! Just write me a damn letter! At:
Digital Watch
Attn: Ed Helms
513 W. 54th St.
New York, New York, 10019.

Can we get a tech. guy in here? Where's Wally?

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