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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

This Show Called The Daily Show

My dad bought enough bread to last us a month and a half. Enough water too. I had already bought a huge pack at Target two weeks ago, and we still have half of that, and dad brought home two 12 packs of Aquafina too. And a huge economy sized jar of grape jam.

That dog (from the previous entry) is still hanging around our yard! My dad noticed that his collar was really tight, so he took it off, and mom fed him some scraps, and she told him that he could stay under the house if it starts raining and getting windy.

School's closed anyway tomorrow, so I wouldn't be missing anything. That's good. Now everyone will be behind, not just me.

Brandon and Renee (I hope I spelled that right) caught me back my car into a median in the parking lot. They pointed and laughed. This other girl, Ashley and I started to talk about dance lessons a few minutes before orientation class (yes, the professor said she was disappointed with our worksheets last week) and all Brandon could do was laugh. I told him how I had to dress in this orange Indian outfit once, and I had to dress like a bear once, and Ashley said that she had to dress like a cow once. I have to remind myself not to use the phrase "show and dance" in front of him b/c he will go into a song and dance. Like before class he sang and danced a little to a song he made up about Orientation class.

I loved Colin Quinn's "tribute" to John Ritter. Just falling over the couch. That was great.
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Monday, September 15, 2003

Your Manager Told You To 'Shut Up"!

Vera said that?

There's this dog that has been hanging out around our yard since I pulled up this evening. My dad had to shoo away the dog so I could get out of my car safely. Cut to an hour later. The dog comes up to our porch, and sticks his head against the screen window, and barks (for another 10 minutes). I told the dog to go home, but all he does is cry when I tell him that. I hope he quiets down once we turn off all the lights and go to bed in about an hour.

I'm not going to be able to go to school Wednesday because the ferry that I take to school is going to be closed. Crap, and Wednesday is my favorite day too.(well, except for the two closed minded jerks in my english class)

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Is He Man Or Mouse?

I timer recorded the Conan Special last night, but I did watch it with the sound off on my win tv, and can I say something?

Little Jay Leno cracks me up.

I was trying my best to conceal my laughther (since my mom and dad were asleep across the hall) when he showed up driving the tiny red car..

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

"That's Okay!"*

Sour Cream + that onion flavored Mrs. Dash + the yucky ruffles chips =yummy.

I'm worried about orientation class Tuesday. We had some book work we needed to do in there, and I wasn't done by the time the class ended so I had to finish the work really half-assidely, and slap it on her desk in her office. I'm sure everyone else did it too, so she's probably going to go into this song and dance about how much she hates us Tuesday. Well, the class ends October 14th, so its not my most important class. I don't like the professor for the class. She's too stuffy, and she treats everyone like they're still in high school --- even the adults. You don't treat an adult student like they're still in high school. I'm sorry. This class is supposed to get us excited about going to the college, but with her teaching it it makes it feel like you're watching one of those "So You're About To Work At Starbucks" kind of tapes.

I have to watch three Trio documentaries tonight for my research project on why certain televsiion shows cancel. I'm not dreading this, since I love most of the documentaries (well, they call them "specials") on Trio.

*=Anyone remember those resolve carpet cleaner commercials that ended with the mom saying "That's Okay!" at the end?
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